Sleep scheduling can become hectic especially for new mothers. It becomes hard to know when your child wants to sleep. One never knows how long their child should sleep. This is why I would recommend sleep training for parents who want to enjoy a beautiful relationship with their children.

This is not a necessary step that everyone should take, but probably you should try it. We have professional sleep trainers who can do it at from the comfort of your home. The training is suitably done for children at the age of 4 months to 6 months. You could also do it at the age of 10 months.

This is helpful for parents who might be having a busy schedule during their maternity leave. If you are working from home, you would want to have a good schedule for your child for you to get efficient. A perfect example is Sharon Mundia, of, who mentioned that she writes her articles and works on her videos from the comfort of her home. She decided to sleep train her daughter and she confesses to having an amazing time!

The first tip that I would give to ensure that your child sleeps comfortably is maintaining good sleep hygiene. Ensure that your child has eaten well (or breast fed properly) before you put them to bed. Also ensure that their sleeping area is warm. Do not play very loud music that would distract them. Simply ensure that their sleeping area is conducive.

If your child is having trouble sleeping, after you rule everything out, kindly take them to a hospital. They might be having gastric reflux which might be affecting their sleep. They might be having upper abdominal discomfort after feeding, this might be very painful especially when they lie horizontally. You might just find the light bulb to your child’s sleeping problem !

I will do more research and give you information on sleep training for your child. I guarantee you comfort !

Lots of love,
Ruguru Kimani.