How have you been? It has been a while. I enjoy it when my blog posts sound more of personal letters to my readers. The people I share my thoughts with!

Very excited to inform you that I have done some background work for you.The holidays will be a little bit easier for you this year, as I spent sometime exploring some lovely holiday home for you. Home away from home!

I found this beautiful place at Diani, Kwale County – Neptune Beach Resort and Spa. The most intriguing part is their all-inclusive package. That means that you can have your budget all planed out for your holiday. The five days we spent there were very relaxed. Eat and drink as much as you can on the trip!


The meals were great! We had different kinds of dishes every evening thus breaking the monotony. It kept us looking forward to what they had to offer next. I even tried out Kalamari, some snails!

Evenings at the resort were beautiful. They had organized activities for the guests every day. There were acrobatics nights, dance nights and African culture nights. And did I mention that we had the most exquisite barbecue dinner on our last night? It was all candle lit!

The most exciting activity was the snorkeling! Never seen coral reefs that close! Kilimanjaro Reef, potato reef…..ummh…..that is as much as I can remember. I also held lots of star fish straight from the ocean. The glass boat captain explained so much about the different types of fish and sea tides.

Outside the villas, we had monkeys that we would watch each morning. They played all day on the well manicured loans. It is very relaxing, totally reversing any kind of burn out that you may be having.

Would you like to have some quiet time when traveling with your child? They have this amazing kid’s zone! You can leave your child there under the amazing care of Binti. There, the children play and have their meals the whole day. They go swimming and also build castles ensuring that they have memorable moments. That way, you can rest and have a good time too!

What impressed me the most is how the staff at Neptune Resort prepare baby food. Simply make your order in advance and the food will be brought to you during meal times. That means that you do not have to run around with cereals and food pouring all over the place when traveling with kids.

The hotel attendants have the most beautiful hearts. Very polite and caring. It definitely felt like home. I mostly enjoyed the services of David, Carol and Athumani!

I know that as you stare on your screen now you cannot wait to make your booking. Here is the way out! We made our bookings via Bonfire adventures!🔥 Here is their website link Can you imagine getting to Ukunda Airstrip and you cannot figure out where your hotel is? Bonfire Adventures will ensure that you get a hotel pick up and drop off to and from your hotel. You will not have to lift your finger on planning for the trip. It is smooth all the way, anyway, it’s a holiday!

Kindly let me know on any other trips that you have made, and also some of your favorite holiday destinations. Kindly leave a comment below!

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.