Weetabix is one of the cereals that has been there since time immemorial. I gobbled down chunks of this as a young child. Unfortunately, as I have mentioned before, I developed celiac disease (gluten intolerance) and this delicacy remained to be something I only oogle at from supermarket shelves. Or as other people down their breakfast in joy. Much of what I will be commenting on is mainly about what I have heard, my experience with my siblings at home, and mainly old memories from when I would enjoy the cereal for breakfast.

I love how simple it is to make. You can simply wake up at any time, boil some milk and mix it up. It is even easier if you are using the fresh pasteurised milk. You do not have to cross several rivers to fetch water, heat it up till it turns and groans in the pot, and later add tons of spices for it to taste. It is simply ready to eat and that makes it handy. When making breakfast for my siblings especially on Sundays , this makes a perfect meal.

It is suitable for people with many medical conditions. Look at it this way, for someone who is diabetic, they do not have to worry about the sugar content as it comes plain. For the rest of the population, all the have to do is add some sugar for it to taste. Also, it contains whole wheat. We have all heard numerous stories concerning overly refined foods.

Children love it mixed with fruits. Weetabix can be compared to a plain piece of cloth, that one can cut into different shapes and sizes depending on what one desires. One  can always put some bananas, strawberries or even chocolate chips into their bowl and have a beautiful hearty meal. You can always stretch it out to your limits. Who does not like such levels of freedom, especially when it comes to food?

Speaking for myself and a couple of other people who are gluten intolerant, it would be thoughful of them if they came up with a cereal that we would eat without any worries. With so  much joy and satisfaction. Also people who are trying to lose their weight have embarked on a gluten free diet, and such a product coming from a company we trust would be the best thing in the world.

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.