Being a parent and also wanting to enjoy the worldly pleasures can be quite stressing. Knowing where to strike the balance can be confusing. Now this is why I am telling you that you deserve every single good thing in this world,  including enjoying a beautiful Valentine’s celebration. Celebrating your love and also your hard work of bringing up beautiful kids is a favour you should give yourself. Here are my tips on how you can enjoy yourself, and still be at peace with how your children are doing :-

a) Take a trip with your kids.

With time, one realises that your children also make a huge part of your happiness. If at all you do not feel comfortable to leave them at home, probably with a nanny, bring them along. Also, some restaurants offer the services of an in-house nanny, and your kids can be taken care of as you all enjoy the vacation. This gives you peace because you constantly see your children.

b) Have a celebration at home

This would involve you calling a Chef at home. The chef would make you a three course meal as you relax with your love. Having a beautiful time as he cooks. You could take a long shower as your food gets ready and enjoy a candle lit dinner! You don’t have to do so far away for the day.

c) Have a quick lunch hour date

You might consider going out for lunch during your official working lunch hours. If you work near each other, meeting up for that one hour would be special for the two of you. Catching up on the day and also reminding each other of your love.

Any more tips on how couples can enjoy this day? Let me know!

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.