I have missed you all. This is now beginning to sound like a letter, to you my community of readers, people that I have connected with for such a long time, over the years. You all feel like family, and that is why I am here to share with you the good news! We have a new line of aprons for you to try on. We now have a set of aprons by Exciting Parenting, dedicated to you, who have been here since day one, and those too who joined us through our three years journey. We can all call it the Nyumbani Collection as a lot more will be coming soon.

As I write this down, I am excited to have you land your tiny little fingers on the aprons! The excitement is unimaginable. I have been working on this for a couple of months now, to ensure that you get the best in the market. It has been one of my best kept secret. The journey has been difficult but here we are. To begin with, I had to get the right kind of fabric. This is one of the best cotton materials in the market, I literally shopped for a couple of days, feeling different kinds of fabrics between my fingers till I landed the one that you would all fall in love with. Selecting the design was also a task that I had to do for a couple of days, a lot of sketching till we landed on what will beautifully suit you all. Leave alone finding a tailor who would reproduce what was in my sketchbooks and in my mind, that was hectic but we landed on the best! Have I also mentioned that we got the best packaging bags that will not only warm your hearts, but will encourage you to reuse the bags over and over again?

This has been a labor of love. Work that has been very involving but also fulfilling. I have two colors of fabric that you will be pleased to select from. The purple patterned one and the yellow plain colored one. Each with different kinds of decoration, selected with utmost precision. The aprons also come in three types. We have the adult one that comes customized in different sizes to suit all of our body types. The middle sized one for the children, this one fits children above the age of 8 years, and the small sized one for our tiny babies. This one fits the younger ones, for example toddlers. They all come in the different colors.

Have you seen our beautiful design coupled up with the bow? Another interesting feature is the adjustable neck length. We have buttons at the neck to suit all our clients who would like to make any adjustments. The fabric is cotton; it feels soft and firm between the fingers. 

Wondering why you need an apron? Our main idea was to create something beautiful that will enhance the involvement of children in many of our household activities. You can now cook with your children and they will not soil their clothes. This even includes having them help you make easy meals such as pancakes! Also, do you want to paint with your child? There you go, get yourselves the aprons and get down with the painting. Do you have a farm? A kitchen garden and would like to have your children help you with picking of vegetables? Grab your aprons! Literally, this makes it easier to work and have fun with your children. That’s why you need to get your matching set. You do not have children yet? Get your two aprons and spice up your kitchen life. (I had to mention this since I categorically fall into this group, chuckles). Moreover, the aprons serve as perfect gifting ideas for the special people in your life.

lets now see the photos;

Wondering how to purchase yours? Here are the details. You simply need to make a payment to our Buy Goods Till Number 5195245 (Joan Kimani). The adult apron goes for Ksh 1,400 , The middle sized one for the children goes for Ksh 1,000  and the small sized one for children goes for Ksh 700. After your make your payment, we will give you a call and confirm delivery details. Your orders will be processed within 3 business days. Delivery is free within Nairobi CBD (Central Business Disrtict). Enquiries can be made through our email or 0717101075.

The best part of all this is that I personally get to make the first 50 deliveries and we can meet and catch up. I am excited as I will finally get to see my readers, talk and get to connect on a personal level. Looking forward to meeting you all!

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.