To my amazing community of readers, I have missed you! I know we met on the site last week with another article and here we are once more. I think what must be exciting me so much is because of the content that I have to offer today. Over to what I have been up to, I have been somewhere doing some powerful research for you! I found a beautiful holiday destination for you and your family, right by the beach of the Indian Ocean, in Mombasa, Kenya.

This is The Milele Beach Hotel. Easily accessible if one is traveling by the Standard Gauge Railway (SGR), Flight or even by Road. The hotel offers pick up transportation  if one requests earlier, and they would bring you right to the facility.

I know that your little tiny fingers cannot wait to land your hands on the hot pictures that I took of the hotel, do not worry, I will fix them in between so that you can have it all spicy. I traveled with my family members, we are six children and two parents (I had to specify this, things have become quite flexible nowadays. Lol ! )

We had informed the hotel and so they picked us up from the SGR at 2.20pm. We went to Milele Beach hotel and they were kind enough to take us shopping at Shoprite where we purchased food stuff and other cooking material. The hotel is near major supermarkets and shopping malls so it feels as comfortable as home. I know you are already wondering why we had to do our own shopping. So, in addition to the exemplary hotel rooms where the residents have to eat from the restaurant, they also have apartments !

 Yes, if you want to have a homely experience, you can live in a storey building, with two bedrooms, three bathrooms and washrooms. There is a large masterpiece kitchen with ample working space. The sitting room also has a dining table. Also, you will enjoy the experience of having two balconies, one upstairs overlooking the beach, perfect for breakfast. The other one downstairs is perfect for dinners, I remember we once cooked two large White Snappers and enjoyed them from the balcony for dinner. The best part of this apartment arrangement is that you have the chance of hiring a chef from the hotel and have them make your meals at an extra cost. We hired one, Elizabeth, amazing lady, you simply need to say what you want cooked! She even made me special “coasterian” breakfast snacks because I am gluten intolerant. Also, the apartment comes fully furnished with enough beds, seats, gas cooker, cutlery, name it, everything!. For my two brothers, they slept in a hotel room but would have their meals with us.

For our mornings, we would spend them at the hotel swimming pools. They have two pools, variable depth with two lifeguards all the time. For the evenings, we would spend them at the hotel private beach. That was the most enjoyable part from my youngest sister, Ciru. My other sister Wambui came back home with so many shells from the beach that she plans to sell (chuckles as I am not sure that they are worth anything. But who I’m I to break a young girls dream?) 

We traveled to Malindi one day, The Gedi Ruins, We hired a car and my dad drove us there. We saw numerous towns on our way there that we mostly only hear about, like Kilifi. For me, I only hear about it on the news. Vipingo too! Gedi ruins are rich in history; I believe that every Kenyan should go there and have a good time. We also visited the snake rescue center. This is where I wish that I would have held a snake round my neck. I would be having power pictures for my instagram feed! Anyway, the fear within me couldn’t let me do it. Malindi is about two hours from Milele Beach Hotel.

Some other day, we went to The Fort Jesus. One just takes a matatu from outside Milele Beach Hotel and boom! You arrive without much hustle. We also went to Old Town and the Fish Market where we purchased the white snappers mentioned above and made a sumptuous meal out of them. 

On another day, we walked to Haller Park by Bamburi. We literally walked. The hotel is just within a perimeter of every interesting facility at the Coastal Region. After the nature walk, we then walked to CTM mall, where we had pizza at Dominos. If you would like to enjoy niceties at a mall, it is just a short distance from the hotel.

Now, interesting facts that I am sure will have you packing your bags and booking your next tickets to the hotel. It is run by The Presbyterian Church of East Africa. (PCEA). They therefore do not allow sale of alcohol and the hotel. You know how rowdy people can get when inebriated and disinhibited? Also,  no one can anyone walk around in revealing bikinis. You will also never see a couple engaging in a smooching session in the dining area where you have to keep covering your children’s eyes. This is a family friendly environment. It is simply a Christian and relaxed environment for your holiday. For the adults who would like to have a good time, Mtwapa town, that I hear is full of amazing clubs is 30 minutes away from the hotel.

Now, if you have been at Milele Beach Hotel, kindly let me know your experience at the comment section. If you are planning on going, drop your questions too, I will be answering them and directing them to the management. Now, let us pack and travel !

Lots of Love.Ruguru Kimani.