Online classes have become the new normal now. Most schools have adopted that mode of teaching with the pandemic. This is why I found it important to furnish you with tips that will make the transition smoother than it has been. I know that all of you here are kind human beings, I have had that feeling for a long time. This is why I am requesting you to share this article with your friends and relatives who would heavily benefit from this.

Before we get to the juicy details, let me give you some gossip here. My birthday is coming up in a few days and you will not believe this!!! My parents today surprised me with a brand-new laptop to enhance my digital content creation work, for my birthday. I am super excited.

  • Teach your child how to log in

At the beginning, there is the temptation to micromanage the child’s classes. I would recommend that you teach your child how to login to the classes individually. This gives them the sense of control that makes them responsible to ensure that they are always on time for the sessions. It really helped with my siblings. My parents wrote down the login details and stuck them on a wall for the children to login on their own. I noticed that they would now even set their own alarms minutes before to ensure that they were settled and logged in on time. They now owned the learning process. In addition to this, also teach them how to mute and unmute themselves.

  • Create a conducive learning environment for them

Studying from home is super hard. The distractions can be many, and as it is well known, the attention span of children is short. Having things banging in the store or sausages frying in the kitchen is enough to distract the stream of thought for your child. Ensure that the learning environment is silent.

  • Put them to bed early

A sleepy child will definitely not concentrate during an online class. The interaction with the teacher and the other learners is markedly reduced and thus they are bound to doze off. Set a standard sleeping time for them and let it stick.

  • Let them prepare their learning material in advance

At home, my siblings prepare their books the night before. That way, they do not have to get in a rush looking for a book they last used the previous week. Neatly arranging the books and stationery on the table makes the morning classes very effective.

  • Training the person left with the children

If you are a parent who is goes to work and is never in attendance during the online classes, please train your domestic manager how to run the classes. This way, they can be able to help out the child incase of any technical hitches.

  • Install Team Viewer on your child’s device

I enjoy suggesting to amazing trends that make your life easier. This application will enable you to see what your child is doing on their device, as you go about your work in the office. It gives you confidence in the functionality of the classes and in the fact that your child is studying seriously.

Do you have any more tips that have worked for you when it comes to organizing online classes for your child? Do let me know on the comment section.

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.