With our children stuck at home indefinitely because of COVID-19, life is a little chaotic. But fluctuating spring weather, things can turn hairy in a hurry only adds to the discomfort. If your kids enjoy spending time outdoors, suddenly having them bouncing off the walls can have you scrambling to find activities that will entertain and calm them. At times like this, it’s helpful to be prepared. Here are a few indoor activities to add to your arsenal so you’ll be prepared when the kids can’t spend time outside. 

Start with the basics – hand your kid a book

Remember the days when extra time at home meant cuddling up with your favorite book? What happened to those days? In today’s age, video games seem to have a bigger pull on kids than a good old classic book. When the weather or current events force the kiddos inside, try some reading. Toronto Public Library suggests making it a family activity. When your kids see you reading, they’re more likely to read as well. 

While we’d all love to have library books right at hand, that’s not really an option right now since most libraries are closed. The great thing is you do have other avenues. When you download the Kindle or Nook app on your phone or tablet, your kids can be reading in seconds. Even better – many libraries allow you to check out books for free using the Overdrive app. All you need is a library card. This means your kids can read whenever and wherever they want without you having to spend a dime. 

Play a game together

Did you know that a game of Monopoly can teach your kids about money? Makes sense, right? Board games are a great way to spend time together as a family. You may not realize it, but many of your favorite board games like Scrabble and Life are available right on your phone or tablet. Plus most of the time the cost is the same, if not cheaper than the physical board game. As a bonus, with the mobile version, there’s no more worrying whether you have all the pieces. 

Consider Educational Programming

We all know too much TV time isn’t ideal, but right now, it’s a different world. Rather than watching mindless shows for hours on end, consider a compromise with educational programming. There are tons of great shows and channels that can help your kids with everything from math to art to cooking to language. Best of all, if you use a streaming device, you can easily access plenty of educational resources, and streaming players, whether a box or a stick, are more affordable than cable or satellite for this type of programming. It’s also important to have a fast, reliable internet connection to ensure you can stream these programs without interruption. For instance, many people choose internet gaming packages because they know their connection will have the speed and reliability they want.

Learn a new skill together

According to Blessed Beyond Crazy, arts and crafts are a great way to boost your kid’s creativity and help with dexterity and fine motor coordination. On days when the kids are stuck at home, it’s always a good idea to have crayons and paper on hand. 

What about crafting and learning something new together? Knitting, for instance, is a lost art that both you and your kids can enjoy. And yes, there are plenty of videos and apps available to teach you all the basics. Crafting teaches your kids patience and attention to detail. And when they’re finished with their project, they’ll be able to take pride in the final product. 

Time outdoors and away from home is uncertain right now, and rainy weather will make this more difficult to manage. Don’t get stuck listening to the boredom blues. With these activities, you’ll be prepared for the next rainy day. You’ll even be surprised at how much fun you have as a family, and you just might bring out these indoor activities again when it’s not raining. 

Post Credit : Daniel Sherwin

Image via Pixbay.com