Out of my numerous experiments that I try out with my siblings, I discovered an amazing recipe that they have come to love. Making gizzards and serving them with rice for dinner. This is an easy recipe to make. I would also want to mention that at home we do not use plenty of spices, which I also think is healthy for young children. For anyone would like to twist up the recipe, feel free to do so, where appropriate.

We bought the chicken gizzards at Tuskys supermarket, 1.068kgs for ksh 640.80. They were fresh and within their expiry date, first thing I check when purchasing meat. I kept them in the freezer and cooked them the next day. I let them thaw on their own and washed them.

Dice two large sized onions and two large sized red tomatoes.

Shallow fry the onions in medium heat and after they brown, add some tomatoes. Cook them into a thick paste. This will make very good thick soup.

Add the gizzards and cook them under medium heat. Add some salt and two Royco cubes. Add half a cup of water. 

Add five tablespoons of milk (preferably boiled milk). This thickens the soup.

 Let the food cook for 30 minutes, under low heat as you occasionally observe to ensure that it does not overcook. 

Finally taste to ensure that the food tastes of enough salt. Serve the food with rice!

Kindly let me know of more adjustments to this recipe in the comments. Also, what do you think of the food?

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.