I know this will definitely catch you by surprise. Yes, pumpkins are not good for your child. Since time immemorial, parents have been known to pump their children with pumpkins. They get whipped up with potatoes, even in beans. Literally, even some people feed their children on pumpkins for breakfast.

Pumpkins have vitamin A, very rich in the nutrient. The problem is that Vitamin A, which is in very high amounts, depletes calcium from the child’s diet. Calcium is important when it comes to bone formation. This is why many children are coming to hospital with Rickets.

I have personally done a quick check in the wards and most children presenting with malnutrition and rickets consume a huge amount of pumpkins in their diet . The mothers end up getting very frustrated since all their efforts bear zero fruits when it comes to the well being of their child.

Better food that has been known to nourish children could be Arrow Roots. These are rich in nutrients and are good for a child’s well being. There are many more carbohydrate and fruits that would do well for a child. 

What else have you been feeding your child on?

Ruguru Kimani

Lots of Love.