When we hear the words ‘First Aid’, what runs through our minds are ambulances, injections and Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR.) This is however not all that it entails, as there are a few things that we can do ourselves in an emergency.

This is why I believe that each one of us should take a first aid class at least once a year. They are offered at our workplaces, neighborhoods, offices, and also by organizations such as The St. John’s Ambulance or The Red cross. Here are some skills that should be at your finger tips:

  • Choking in children. This is one of the most common occurrences in our homes. Children tend to choke on toys or even food particles. Parents and the caregivers should know what to do in such situations so as to dislodge the item.
  • These can be very scary, depending on what causes them. A child might get burnt by fire, especially if they sneak into the kitchen when food is cooking. They might also get burnt by corrosive chemicals. Fluids such as hot water and porridge can cause serious burns. There are also some caused by solid items such as a hot pan.
  • Allergic reactions. This is not very common but it happens when children have unknown allergies. An example is an allergic reaction to penicillin which can cause a deadly anaphylactic reaction. We should get trained on handling these situations before we get to an emergency room.
  • This is very common when children are taking their first steps. Some might fall down and end up unconscious. It can be very scary for parents who do not have the adequate skills on what to do before rushing to a hospital.
  • There can be very many types of fractures depending on the nature of the injury. It is important to know how to manage this without causing further injury or even an infection in the case of an open fracture. Also techniques of pain reduction should be applied; as well as splinting.

I am sure that you are already searching the internet for any first aid classes near you (Sigh of relief.) Do not forget to inform a friend!

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.