A friend texted me and delivered crazy news to me. A name that I had picked for one of my future babies was among the ones banned in the world. I will be careful not to let you know which one it is from the list as you will not quit teasing me. Anyway, I did my research and I thought it wise to let you know of the names you should not try to register for your baby.

  1. Facebook

I am also wondering just as you are. Why would anyone want to call their child Facebook? The state of Sonora in Mexico has banned the use of this name, claiming that it lacks meaning is pejorative and derogatory.

  1. Tom

If you currently live in Portugal, you are not allowed to use nick names in birth certificates. Luckily, if you really wanted to use the name, then Thomas would be fine.

  1. Elaine

Saudi Arabia does not allow you to use this name. They produced a list of names that you cannot use; those with royal connotations and also western names. If you were also thinking of prince, my dear, you would have to drop it or leave the country.

  1. Robocop

I am sure that if my younger brother would continue having the same love that he has for the Robocop movie, then all his future children would be named Robocop 1,2,3 , that way, in succession.  In Sonoro Mexico, you should steer clear of that name.

  1. @

Yes, you saw it right, that up there is a name that a Chinese couple tried calling their child. I would not blame them as the name is pronounced as “ai-ta” in Chinese. It also means “love him”’

  1. Traffic

Once more, Sonoro Mexico does not allow parents to name their children Traffic.

  1. Talula Does the Hula from Hawaii

There was a young 9 year old girl with that name; she had to be put in court guardianship so that her name could be changed in New Zealand. You know, I keep wondering, how she could even write her name in pre-school.

  1. Linda

Yeah, I know your mouth went agape. That name is banned in Saudi Arabia. It is pretty strange how we have very many of our friends having that name in our own countries.

  1. Adolf Hitler

A cake shop refused to Ice a cake with a name, Adolf Hitler. This was a cake belonging to a son of an American neo-Nazi, Health Campbell.  Interestingly, His other children are named Eva Braun and JoyceLynne Aryan Nation.

  1. Alice

Kindly note this; you cannot name your child Alice in Saudi Arabia. I wish I could say this with a husky tone. “Alice is not a name in Saudi Arabia.”

  1. Lady Di

Are you trying to name your daughter Diana, and then you can name her that. What I presume to be short form of that name is not allowed in Sonoro, Mexico.

  1. Metallica

Trust me I said that name out loud! And trust me to add a bit of a Spanish accent. This was a band. Tax officials denied a Swedish couple a passport for their daughter because of her name. Luckily, the objection was withdrawn. To be on the safe side, kindly don’t use the name, you do not want to miss your holiday to Kenya just because you cannot get a passport for your daughter first enough. They just might re-enforce the ban.

  1. Circumcision

Oh God! In the name of cold ice cream, why on earth would you want to call your child that? I will not say much about this one but simply let you know that it is banned in Sonoro Mexico.

  1. James Bond

This is an amazing movie character. I promised to not to let you know what name I had chosen for my future son, but I do not want you to imagine that it was the one above, Circumcision. To set the record clear, I am very level minded, and I thought I would fancy this name in my house! Anyway, I would not be allowed to use it in Sonoro, Mexico. That means it is out of my list now, what if I decide to settle in Mexico?

  1. Sex Fruit

TRUST ME NOT TO HAVE MADE THIS ONE UP. You might want to check if your age restriction in your laptop or phone is working to have let this one pop up. I am quite disturbed that a couple in New Zealand wanted to name their child that.

  1. Brfxxccxxmnpccclllmmnprxvclmnckssqlbb11116

Before you lose your site trying to read this name, it is pronounced as Albin. Let us not say much about it, we all know why. Sweden banned a couple from using it as they tried to protest against strict Swedish naming laws.

  1. Terminator

Are you looking forward to being a doctor or funeral director in Sonoro? If that is your first name, I am sorry but you cannot work in that field if your bear that name.

  1. Anal

This is too gross a name to think of naming your child. Fortunately, New Zealand has it banned.

  1. Osama Bin Laden

A couple, shortly after the events of 9/11, wanted to name their child after Osama bin Laden. They felt it an inspiration to them. This was a Turkish couple living in Cologne, Germany. Luckily the German government shot the name down.

This got me wondering, I’m I the only one living in a place where I have not heard of any strict naming laws? I have not come across any banned name in Kenya. I am beginning to think that in Sonoro Mexico and Saudi Arabia, you should first of all ask for the names you are allowed to use before naming a child. It would be no use looking at the ones you should not use!

Photo credits : http://pinstake.com/

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.