DJ MO is one of the most successful DJs we have in the country! He has managed to stand out in the field and do a great job. We recently celebrated the birth of his daughter Ladasha. He has an amazing wife, Size 8, and they are both doing a great job in bringing up their daughter.

I was excited to learn more about his schedule and how he manages to juggle his work and his family. Having early morning shows and still having to create time for a daughter is not very easy. He explained with so much ease on how the Lord had been on his side and guided him through it all. We have a couple of questions that we asked him:

Exciting Parenting:How old is baby Ladasha now? How many children do you intend to  have?

DJ MO :Ladasha is now 1 year and 7 months old. I intend to have at least 2 children God willing.

Exciting Parenting:What amount of time do you set aside to spend time with her each day and during the weekends?

DJ MO : I ensure that I spend quality time with her each morning before I leave for work. I take it upon myself to feed her before I leave the house. That is how we bond.  During the weekends, I schedule my events before hand. When I have some little time to spare, I ensure that I spend it with her.

Exciting Parenting:What challenges have you faced when bringing up your beautiful angel?

DJ MO : She is a poor eater. It is always tasking when I have to try and convince her that she needs to finish her bowl of food each day. I also have to be a happy and bubbly dad each time I get home. This is despite the kind of day I had, she has to see the bright side of me. She is also speaking now, so getting to understand her new language is not that easy, I mostly have to go with the non-verbal cues. Also the illnesses that children get as they grow up stress me a lot, I keep rushing to the hospital each time something small happens. Going out with her is also not very easy, people know her and so it attracts a lot of attention.

Exciting Parenting:What plans and dreams do you have for her? What career paths would you want her to take?

DJ MO: My plan is to raise her in a Godly environment, show her love and take her to the best schools that I can afford! About her career, I will give her guidance where I can and give direction. I will let her chose what she wants.

Exciting Parenting:What would you advise the parents out  here when it comes to bringing up their children?

DJ MO:  I would advice parents to give their children 100% of their attention. Parents should also open up to their children so that they can also be able to confide in them and see them as their friends too. I also think that we should tell our children the truths and reality of life, what is right and what is wrong.

Lasty, parents should bring up their children in the way of the Lord,and truly, they shall not depart from it.

Exciting Parenting:What kind of family did you grow up in? How would you describe it?

DJ MO: I grew up in a humble family background. We were grounded in the Lord. Struggles were a lot for us and that is how I learnt that hard work and perseverance is key to a good life. We lived in the up country and did not own a TV set! Anyway…that is a story for another day.

Top a de top DJ MO.


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Lots of love ,

Ruguru Kimani