Two days ago, my girlfriends and I were having lunch at one of our houses. These are the days that I look forward to most of the time, when we can have fun and talk the evening away. Did I mention that we also get to cook amazing food and bring in all soda flavors? This weekend we were going to Julian’s.

Before the food got ready we decided to watch episode 2 of season 3 of Blackish. This is one of my favorite comedies. I could spend a whole day watching this. So one of the family daughters claimed that she was not going to pray for the food as she was not sure that she even believed in God. Later on I realized that one of her atheist uncles was visiting.

That took me back to when my mum was giving me stories of the kind of Christian I was as a young girl. I was always the one giving a testimony each time we had church fellowship at home. I had actually given my life to Christ then during a certain altar call in church. I can remember very well that at that point in life we had a very religious nanny who would preach to me all the time.

What I’m I trying to say here indirectly? I believe that children are an empty converse, where whatever is written in their hearts sticks there. Whatever we expose our children to is what forms a basis of their religious beliefs. It certainly is the main point of reference for them in all matters in life. If you want your child to grow up as a staunch Muslim or Christian, bring up in that way. Let them have literature to read or even programs to watch that will influence their though processes.

Parents or guardians as the main caregivers have the major role in shaping our children’s lives in the way that we hope that they may grow into. If you go to church every Sunday with them and explain its importance, then they will not depart from the teachings.

As we sit down and wonder what our children will grow into, let us know that we have the number one influence in their lives. They depend on us.

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Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.