Confidence in a child is one of the features that create a brilliant adult. This is a character that we want oozing from our children.  It also opens up many doors for them as they can participate in as many activities as they would wish to.

One of my favorite TV shows is Blackish. The children acting in the film are confident and bring out their characters in the best light. Achieving this level of boldness in a child requires a lot of contribution from the parents. This can be read in my previous article, 5 Languages of Love with Our Children. There are several reasons why we should provide a favorable environment for them to grow in boldness:

  • They achieve exemplary results in their activities. This can be seen clearly in school going children. Those that are confident tend to take part in school leadership positions, contests, and sports. They also perform very well in class tests.
  • They have a bright future. They tend to have their startup companies at a very young age. They always want to take control of their lives; employment is not something they enjoy. They would prefer having their own successful companies.
  • They stand up for themselves. They do not tolerate any kind of abuse and will speak out incase anything undesirable happens to them.
  • They make great leaders. These are the children leading various associations such as the Scout’s Movement in their schools. They also represent their fellow students in very many activities happening nationally and internationally giving them more exposure.
  • They are great role models for their siblings. They create a strong pillar where all other children can look up to and draw strength from. We as parents can also trust them to take care of their siblings.

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Ruguru Kimani.