For those who have met my family members, they would attest to it that we all have a funny side to ourselves. We are easy going, like a Sunday morning we always find a lighter side to life. We could spend a whole day together and feel like it only lasted a few hours, we enjoy our own company.

A few days ago, we had one of the most dramatic moments of our lives. My siblings and I were peeling potatoes at the verandah so that we could make French fries for the evening. My younger sister Wairimu went to purchase three packets of milk from a nearby supermarket. She rode on her bike and was home in a few minutes. She made the tea but unfortunately the milk was spoilt.

We had to come up with a way of getting the milk replaced as it cost us a lot of money (I know you are all laughing by now.) Suddenly we got a light bulb. We hatched a plan and were curious on how it would work out.

My sister and I were to take back the milk to the supermarket!!! We put the milk (still in the sufuria) in the car, the sieve that we had used and also the empty packets of milk. We also had the receipt safely put in my pocket. We laughed our heads off as we drove to the supermarket, we could not wait to see how things rolled out.

On arrival at the supermarket, the staff members could not stop laughing. We were the funniest clients they have ever served. I know we were too extra on trying to prove a point and getting a refund for our money, but we had a great time. Fortunately, we were given extra packets of milk to cater for the inconvenience. I would definitely say that we left as happy clients, with a bag of extra packets of milk.

Kindly share with me on the comment box some of your hilarious family stories this year on the comment section. I cannot wait to read them.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.