We have had a lovely year. There are tones of things to be thankful for. As this new year begins, I wish you lots of joy. May you have many cups of coffee to drink. May your cookie jars never run empty. May your bars of chocolate magically replenish themselves. May your clothes always stay fresh, and may your perfume jars never run dry.*

I know that you have wonderful plans set aside for your family. Probably you want your children to join a new school.This is a new start for you as a family. As you shop for the new school uniforms and have your little ones fit into their new shoes, may you have joy and peace.

Saving for that holiday might be one of those things in your mind.Time and chance happens to everyone equally, you now have a brand new year to save for the holiday. You could cut on the few unnecessary costs that your family has to incur, that way, you will have enough money to blow for a holiday.

You might be looking forward to spending more time with your family. This is the time to start. This is a new beginning. You might want to coalese most of your shifts into a few days so that you can have more free time. You might also want to take branch transfers if you work for a company based in different areas, and move closer home.

Eating healthy and exercising might be one of your goals this year. This is best done if it is done by the whole family. The encouragement and motivation to keep going is what will drive you. Green tea might be something you might want to start with. Morning jogs might be on your already planned morning routine. You are not alone, millions of families have this planned out, do it to, you might love the results.

Commitment to family is the most fulfilling thing. Love and be there for them.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.