I am turning 24! At first it was exciting but reality dawned on me that I had clearly not achieved much, compared to what I had hoped for. I then sat down and I had something to be happy about, I am alive. (BORA UHAI)

Giving you these facts about myself feels like I’m unpeeling parts of me, like a banana as you watch. Or as if I’m lying on a dissection table as everyone gets to see how big my heart is, and how small my gall bladder is( I produce very little bile-literally!)

So, let’s go :-

  1. I am a Sunday School Teacher. I love how inspiring those kids think I am, chuckles. Anyway, I enjoy teaching them bible stories and also virtues of life.
  2. Before starting my blog, I had thought of event planning. Convinced myself out of it.
  3. I am way more interesting in videos, more than in my writing. At least that’s what I think.
  4. I make a huge cup of coffee each morning, and drink half of it. I then come and drink the rest when cold in the evening. It’s my type of beverage
  5. I only use orange toothbrushes. I have said that enough times. That colour cleans my teeth. I already sound crazy.
  6. I am a goody two shoes. I love being on the safe side of things. Most of the time, but when I do wrong things, they are the wrongest of all wrongs that have ever wronged.
  7. I honestly don’t know my height. Never measured it. I just know I’ve been 56.4kgs for almost 5 years now. I bet I poop all my food.
  8. I  would love to start an orphanage when I grow up.
  9. I have many official trousers and probably two pairs of jeans.
  10. I am celiac (allergic to gluten). I don’t eat anything made of wheat, actually, the only thing I think I miss out on is burgers.
  11. I love eating chips! Fries that is. I can eat them for all my lunches in a week.
  12. I used to get bullied for my big eyes. With increasing age, they became an aspect of my physique that I love. My money makers! (Those who have watched ‘Cheaper by the dozen will get it.)
  13. I only use pens with caps. If the cap gets lost, I start panicking. I don’t think the pen is heavy enough to use.
  14. I no longer watch horror movies. Those things scare the sh*t out of me, even when I’m going to the washroom. At times I leave the door open.
  15. I don’t know how to make uji. I have tried a million times. Sometime I even called my mum and tried getting the recipe on phone, but I still could. Struggles of not living at home.
  16. Small things might crush my spirit, and I’m very careful on people around me. I stay off negative people/things as that might dumpen my mood
  17. I would love to host a TV show, especially a Medical /Health show. I have recited monologues all the time in the bathroom or when washing dishes.
  18. I freak out when I lend things. I am always worried that the people might lose them or return them in a different condition.
  19. I love having super long nails. Well manicured, but being in hospital would be dangerous as I would easily pick up infections. It would also be unpresentable. Patients want us neat.
  20. I am damn scared of failure. I get nightmares before important interviews or exams.
  21. I am really good at making chapatis, though I barely eat them.( they are made of wheat).
  22. I prefer flat shoes to heels.
  23. I love the Smell of fresh babies, especially the mouths
  24. I genuinely love my community of readers. You give me the life to sit at my computer and continuously make content.

That’s it for this year! See you next year, same time, maybe things will have changed.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.