We are at an age where we love and enjoy capturing every single moment with our children. However, there are photos that we should not upload on various social media platforms as they would be demeaning to the child thereby affecting them negatively. Here are some of them:

  • When using the potty– This is one of the private businesses of a child. You do not want to expose this to the world, where it lasts forever. Moreover, it might subject the child to ridicule in future.
  • During bath time– This is one of the most intricate moments of every human being that should be kept private. Would you imagine what would happen if the photos fell into the hands of a person with wrong intentions such as someone whose aim is to Photoshop them and create humiliating or graphic images?
  • Child taking part in unsafe activities– This could be photos of them holding cans of beer or even playing with knives. These photos would open an avenue for negative criticism and would land you in court.
  • Group photos with other children– You should at all costs avoid posting photos of your child with other children, before consulting their parents. This would land you in so much trouble such as breach of privacy in case the other parents do not consent having their children’s faces put up all over the internet.
  • When they are feeling lousy or sick– In such cases, the children are at their weakest moment and the last thing that they want is to have photos suggesting weakness plastered all over the internet. Moreover, who doesn’t love to be perceived as a strong brilliant figure?

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.