No matter how much we might want to protect our children, our shields would only reach so far. We might try to teach them all the polite words but they would  still hear all the bad words out there. Hearing foul language is inevitable, either in school or from the TV. Our greatest task is to know how to correct them each time they make the mistakes. Here are ways in which you can discipline your lovely angels;

  • Mind your language at home

You do not expect your child to use good language if all they hear are profanities coming from you and your partner. They might end up thinking that cussing is grown up. If at all you say a bad word by mistake, be sure you apologize for the slip.

  • Reward your child for using good language

There is one thing that I cannot leave a mall without purchasing for my siblings; kinder joy!!!! Have you seen this chocolate snack in stores? It comes with fancy toys. I think you should buy you child one of these when they do commendable things. You can also say something good to them to make them feel appreciated for trying so hard to maintain their language discipline.

  • Do not express shock or laughter

If your child uses bad language, at times, we might get amused that they actually know these words. We might also spin out of control and shout them down. This might cause the child to repeat the same words to elicit the same reaction from you. You should simply talk to them and let them know that you are not happy with that.

  • Create consequences for the bad language

You should be sure to follow through every time with a punishment of your choice. When children understand that their actions have consequences, then, they will have incentive for discipline. You might decide to deny them some of their favorite snacks. You might also decide to keep them from watching their nest cartoon, say, Marcia and The Bear.

  • Set clear what you expect right from the beginning

Once you realize that your child is grown up and can understand different forms of language, set a bar. This means that you should explain to them what are “bad” words and neutral words. You can also give them alternatives to cussing words. You will be happy with the training that you give them.

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