Toys have always tickled my fancy up to this age. I have always had a collection of toys that I ensure is passed down to all my siblings. Below is what I feel that every parent should consider purchasing for their children.

  •  Toys from Cartoon Characters

Nothing has ever made me more excited than when my mum got me a Mickey Mouse doll. To add icing to the cake, the little doll was battery powered and would move around. Go to that shop and buy your daughter toys from Marcia and the Bear cartoon; they will not forget you!

  •  Portable Toys

Children love toys that can be carried around making it easy for them to play from any part of the house. Large toys would be quite bulky for them. Furthermore, it makes it easy in case they need to travel with their toys while visiting friends.

  •  Colored Toys

Bright toys with lots of colors would be what every child wants in their play room. A rainbow of colors stimulates the creativity center in children’s brain. They will play better and be constantly intrigued by the games.

  •  Bricks and Blocks

In the growth and developmental chart of children, arranging blocks is one of the developmental milestones. As they grow older, the will want to build higher castles and also exercise their intellectual muscles.

  •  Toys Modeling Certain Units in the House

This mostly covers toys that resemble the kitchen items that we normally use. This fascinates them as they can do their own cooking when playing instead of using crude items such as tins that could cause injury.

  •  Toys That Are Not Easily Dirtied

Children can be messy especially when they spill their drinks on their toys. As such, it is recommendable that you have a preference for plastic rather than cotton toys.

What other toys do you think would be the best for children? Leave a comment below muffins.

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Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.