Mornings can be the toughest times for all mothers; especially when they have young school going children and a job to rush to. So, let us talk about what you should do before you sleep every evening.

You should lay out clothes that your family needs to wear the next day, to avoid the morning hustle. This includes your children’s school uniform.

Ensure that neither the next day’s breakfast nor packed lunch is frozen. Thawing it in the morning might give it a funny taste.

Put the children to bed early enough to ensure that they wake up fresh the next morning.

In the morning, here is what you should do:

Wake up at least 3 hours before your expected reporting time at work; when you have to get to work. This gives you enough time to prepare yourself and get your mojo on.

Spend the first thirty minutes working out. You can use your house gym or even get zumba videos.This will keep you fit.

The next thirty minutes should be spent waking the children up and getting them dressed.

You can now have breakfast in the next thirty minutes and also pack lunch for your children.

Get to the bathroom and dress up in the next thirty minutes(remember you had the clothes laid out the previous evening.)

You now have one hour left before you can get to work! Get into that vehicle and  get to your office in time. That way, you will be settled in before that board meeting or inspection.


Try this for a week and thank me later. My mum and her friend have tried this  and it is amazing! You might do a few adjustments on your wake up time depending on whether you encounter traffic jam before you get to work.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.