This is one of the articles that I believe I will live to re-read. We are at an age when parents- this time round let’s talk about mothers- are turning into monsters. They are involving their children in harmful activities that endanger their lives. Here are a few cases that I have seen and find important to share with you. Fasten your seat belts :-

(a) Pressuring children to achieve what the mum did not achieve

We have had cases of mothers who literally re-live their lives in their children’s lives. If they wanted to be models, they end up ensuring that they children model against their own wishes. This becomes a chain that is endless as the child will end up doing the same to their offspring, creating an unfulfilled society.

(b) Involving children in criminal activities

How many times have you seen mothers involving their children in theft? I saw a case on Investigation Discovery(my favorite channel on DSTV) where there was involvement of children in a bank robbery which almost left them dead! This is quite perilous.

(c) Plotting evil with them

This one shocked me! It scared me totally! Mothers have a special bond with their children. This is the same kind of bond that they can take advantage of to manipulate them. We have had incidents where children are involved in murdering their fathers after much convincing by the mother. It is one of the saddest scenarios I have come across so far.

(d) Involving them in your won battles

Women are generally prone to having a few struggles with their fellow women. We are emotional creatures. Some of them might end up transferring the same to their children. These battles might reflect in the school performances where a child has to be better than the other to prove their mother’s prowess. This is heart drenching as it brings unnecessary stress to the children.

(e) Making them your punching bags

Yes, I literally mean punching bags. When a wife argues with her husband, the next thing is that she ends up beating up her own children. The transfer of stress and anger to children in a marriage or as a result of business failure is simply not right. It is out of order, completely! We should learn to maintain our cool and treat children as they deserve, they are simply smaller human beings!

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