One of the most wonderful aspects of childhood is playing outside and finding ways to entertain yourself without technology. We did it everyday as children, but our children today are sadly missing out on these moments with their busy schedules and screen time. 

If you’re a lucky homeowner who has a yard for the kids and pets to play in, encourage them to play outside by transforming your yard into a wonderland. As you set up the yard for them, take steps to ensure that it’s a safe space for play.

While it’s important to take your dog for walks to give him exercise and exposure to the world outside, having a yard to play in can be helpful, too. Dogs love to be in nature, and an enclosed space allows them to enjoy the outdoors safely. A yard also gives them exercise and a place to use the bathroom between walks.

Many unused yards are unkempt, and some are even downright scary for kids to explore. Cleaning your yard will make the kids feel more comfortable exploring, so clear up space for them to play, and ensure that nothing unsafe is lurking beneath the piles of brush and leaves. A cluttered yard also hides dog droppings, so the cleaner you keep it, the easier it’ll be to spot your dog’s waste. 

Keep the grass trimmed and remove stumps and roots that can be tripped over. When kids are running around the yard, anything sticking out of the ground could be a tripping hazard. For the safety of both kids and pets, trimmer grass means there’s less likelihood that ticks will be present. Ticks are typically found in tall grass, and their bites can transmit Lyme disease

Ticks aren’t the only pests that can pose a danger to your family. Wasps, hornets, and mosquitoes, should also be cleared out if possible before your yard becomes a play area. Some insects and arachnids can destroy your garden, while others have poisonous bites and stings. Animals including skunks, raccoons, and possums could also be a problem if they interact with your dog or child.

A quality fence that is in good repair will keep the dangers out and your loved ones in. It’s especially important to keep your pets in an enclosed space so they don’t escape from the property. Your kids might be less likely to stray, but limiting their play area within a fence will allow them to play outside unsupervised. A privacy fence will allow them to play without strangers watching. 

Wood fences provide more privacy than chain link fences. As you look into building or replacing a fence, be aware that the average price to install a wood fence is $2,750, depending on the structure and length, and labor costs alone will typically run $30 – $50 per hour for several laborers. If your dog is a digger, you should also look into reinforcing the ground around the fence so he doesn’t dig a hole out from underneath. 

It’s not necessary to landscape the yard or plant flowers if kids and pets are just going to run around and trample on them anyway, but they’ll appreciate you making it fun. Fill the yard with playground items, balls, and toys. A pooper scooper (available on Amazon for under $12) and a trash bin for the dog’s waste will come in handy, too. Teach your kids to clean up after the dog eliminates, and you’ll be able to eliminate one thing off your chore list. 

Children and pets deserve to be outside enjoying themselves, the sunshine, and the fresh air. They deserve the freedom to use their imaginations and explore in a safe environment. Turn your yard into their private playground so they can play freely and you can rest easily. 

Post Credit : Daniel Sherwin

Photo Credit: Pixabay