Nearing your due date is one of the most exciting things that a family undergoes. Attending antenatal clinics, on the other hand, should be mandatory for every mother despite it being hectic. It is also important to ensure that you are preparing for your delivery day so that you do not have unnecessary hitches. Here are a few things that you should look out for:-

  • Identify a suitable hospital for your delivery

 It would be very hectic when that day comes and you cannot decide the hospital that you want to go to. It is advisable to look at the options that you have and also see the various facilities in the hospitals. That way, you will not have to move up and down in an ambulance looking for the best facility.

  • Get someone to drive you to the hospital

I do not think that you want to go through your phone contacts while you writhe in pain trying to get someone that can take you to hospital. It would be important that you let your significant other know the exact date of your delivery so that they can be ready.  Also have someone else on standby in case the other party is unable to rush you to hospital.

  • Attend good ANC (Antenatal Clinics)

These clinics are important as they would enable you predict your delivery condition. If they identify any traces of high blood pressure on you, they will definitely recommend hospitals where you get great care. If they think that you might need to go through cesarean section, they would have great hospitals for you to choose from.

  • Have your hospital bag ready

A hospital bag is where you have all tiny baby clothes available. You can also add into it all kinds of documents that you think would be required in the process. You do not want to start looking for your ID at the last minute. Just keep necessary items where they are accessible to easily reach them out at any given time.

  • Have a working birth plan

If you have had your previous births via Cesarean Section, it would be advisable that you go to a facility that would be able to provide such services. As such, you are able to avoid situations where you would have uterine rapture. And again, how is your payment plan. It is advisable that you talk to your insurance company to ensure that they will cover the hospital bills. You do not want to remain dumbfounded when the bills are rolled out and you have to pay for all that.

With these tiny gems of advice, I believe you will be super prepared for that day. In case of anything else, feel free to add it at the comment section!

Photo credits :

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.