Children love watching Television. We all know the programs they love watching most, cartoons! This also varies with the ages of the children as slightly older children are inclined to watching more informative programs. We as  parents play a huge role in determining what they  watch as some programs might require parental guidance. This is where I hope you have children restrictions on your TV turned on!

I believe that children should watch TV in the morning before they go to school, for at least 25-30 minutes. I personally let my siblings watch their favorite programs each morning as they have their breakfast. This is why I think that more parents should adopt this:-

Children become more creative. When they have an interesting jumpstart on their day,they are more likely to think clearly and have great ideas on tasks given to them.

It sets them in a good mood. We adults have that one page we look up when we get to the office. We have that one amazing speaker we listen to each morning. That gets us psyched up to do our duties. Children also need something to excite them and get them jovial.

They wake up early. I have noticed that if I have my sibling’s favorite episode of “Blackish”, I do not have to pull anyone out of bed. They always wake up early and get themselves ready for breakfast time when they can watch the movie.

They are disciplined. Incentive for something creates personal discipline .At home, if homework is not completed in time the previous night after school, the morning session is cancelled. This is something that would create a new breed of children.

It builds them. This mainly depends on the choice of programs we make for them. I would recommend that we chose programs that are informative in different fields of science or if the children are young, then something funny with good grammar would do.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.

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