Drowning is one of the scariest things that comes to our minds when our children go swimming. We might want to blame the swimming instructors when this happens, but, at times, we are the ones to blame. Here are a few mistakes that we make which might increase the risk of drowning in children:

(a) Having children decide when to enter the pool

We should ensure that children wait for affirmation from us before getting into the pool. They should understand that they simply cannot get into the pool when they wish to. It will definitely make it easier for any swimming instructor to handle your child without any problem. Also following all swimming instructions during training will not be a problem.

(b) Not having a swimming procedure

We should ensure that before a child gets into the pool, they must understand the standard procedure. They should get into their swimming diapers, swimming costume, and also applying sunscreen. With such a procedure, they will understand that swimming is a series of instructions and not an unregulated activity. Moreover, helping them adjust to a swimming procedure will keep them alert to all guidelines and warnings from their swimming instructors.

(c) Frequent use of water wings or floaters

The above devices should be used when near large water bodies or in a large water vessel. They should be used mostly for safety. However, when swimming, a child should learn how to swim professionally without the aid of floaters to ensure that they will escape easily in case of danger.

(d) Frequent use of water googles

Water googles are helpful when it comes to seeing when swimming. They are very important especially in salty sea water as it causes irritation. In a swimming pool, a child should learn how to open their eyes in water and be able to comfortably get out of the pool on their own. This ensures that they can easily find the rail in case there is an emergency such as a muscle cramp.

(e)Letting your fears hold them back from training on how to swim

If you did not learn how to swim because you were scared, let your children learn how to. Take them to good training facilities and let them have fun! Failure to train them might lead to having them drowning in case they get to a neighbour’s or school pool.

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Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.