Things in life change. Divorce isn’t always easy, but it’s often for the best for everyone involved. Families can be just as healthy and happy separately. However, moving can be stressful. Here is how you can have a successful and stress-free moving day.

Plan Ahead

The best tip to a stress-free moving day is to plan ahead as far in advance as possible. Make a timeline to get things done, such as decluttering and packing. What will the weather be like when you plan to move? While summer is often the easiest time to move, it may also be the most expensive. However, winter can bring storms that could disrupt the moving process itself. Will you be color-coding your boxes to make sorting them easier? If not, how will you prominently label them so unpacking is a breeze? Make a checklist of what needs to be done and by when, and follow and amend it as you go. Don’t forget to plan on packing an overnight bag to make the day of moving easier. After a long day of hard work, the last thing you’ll want to do is search box after box for your toothbrush.

Take Care of Yourself

Moving day will probably be exhausting. There are no two ways about it. However, rather than feeling haggard and rundown, prepare yourself for the big day by treating yourself and taking care of your basic needs. If you’re feeling stressed in the days leading up to moving day, take your child out for a special treat just to get away for a bit. Go see a movie or get ice cream in the park. To further make sure that you’re feeling at your best on moving day itself, make sure that you get plenty of sleep. Have snacks ready for you, and the moving team you’ve assembled, to eat throughout the day. Do not skip meals, either. This may mean taking a break midday, but you will feel so much better and more energized when you return to work.

Call in the Pros

Even with a group of reliable friends, moving can be hard. There is the packing, the organizing, the moving, and the unpacking to consider. However, professionals can offer a good deal of help. Hiring movers is pretty standard procedure, as they not only have the right equipment, they have the training you need to keep your goods safe. Many companies offer an unpacking package, so you don’t have to worry about that yourself. But did you know you can hire a professional organizer to make your job even easier? Most homeowners spend between $312 to $505 nationally to hire a professional organizer, but they are worth the cost. They can help you declutter, sort through your things, and decide what’s best to keep, what’s best to store, and offer help when it comes to letting go of things. They also will help you get settled into your new space more quickly. Whatever your desired goal is, they will help you achieve it.

Prepare for Your Arrival

On the topic of preparing your new home, don’t wait until you’ve stuffed it full of boxes and furniture. If possible, take your organizer and look at your new living space before it’s cluttered with packed goods. This is a chance for a new start and live life exactly as you want. Decide what colors you want to paint the walls, and do so before your rooms are filled with furniture. Pick your fixtures and swap them out. Install new flooring to get the exact look you desire. Stain your cabinets a new color. Deep clean the home while it’s empty. Doing these things before you move will make the actual moving process so much easier on moving day.

This is going to be a chaotic time, but remember — it’s for the best. Keeping your goals in mind will help keep you motivated. Change may be hard, but this will all be worth it for you and your family in the end. Starting over is a chance for something new, and you deserve to be happy.

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