I recently published an article on how to be an amazing single dad. I have been doing intense research on tips for single mothers too. I would like to start by saying that you are strong and amazing beings! Phenomenonal women. Being able to bring up your children single handedly is not a joke. The ability to bring up all-rounded children on your own is a work of art. Now let me give you a few tips that might sharpen your skills.

Make Time For Your Children

Remember all the time at the back of your mind that you are the only parent that your child has. If you can, indulge yourself into a work schedule that allows you to make enough time for your child. This also applies for the shifts. Flexible ones that allow you to be home to put your child to be would be the best for you. If your job gives you a tight schedule, probably creating time over the weekends would be amazing!

Protect Your Children in Your New Relationships

Maybe it did not work out with the father of your children ; and it has reached a time when you would like to move on. I would advise that before you settle for your new partner, put in place a few measures to ensure that your children do not feel emotionally exploited. Do not let them meet every other person that you are dating until you feel like it is taking a good direction. Having them meeting every other person is confusing. It might affect them socially and even in their school work.             


Probably my punctuation up there is slightly overrated. I am making an important point. We need to save for out children’s future. We also need to make sure that we have enough money for the present time. This is to ensure that one can afford to pay their school fees, daily meals and also a day out once in a while.

Please let me know of any other things that you think are amazing ideas!

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.