Shaving of hair by many women has become a bug that I have failed to escape. I thought that probably many of the women chopping off their hair had dark reasons of doing it. I supposedly imagined that maybe it was ideal to go to their work stations way. Or maybe they were fanatics of the new feminism wave; one that I think has been taken to dangerous levels.

I cut my hair yesterday. Yes, you read that right. It was some long natural hair. I simply woke up, picked a pair of scissors and cut my braids. I had been obsessing about short hair for a very long time now, and I realized that it was time to do it, and it made me happy.

Most women that I have come across now mainly cut their hair when parenting takes a heavy toll on them. It becomes difficult when one has to wake up each day, prepare their family and do a few touches on their hair. I am not a mother and trust me on the days that I have to comb my hair; it literally feels like I might literally comb out my brain. I could not just figure out when to put on my make-up, comb the hair and also read ahead for a lecture.

More to that, I have researched and found out that most women find complete comfort in their own skin when they advance in age. When they give birth, have their children all grown up and their careers sky rocketing, they get a chance to do what they have always wanted, probably adjust how they look. I have always had a secret fear of how I would look in various hairstyles. Some sort of insecurity. All that changed when I decided that fear and stress were no longer going to be part of my life. You could do that too.

I would like to find more reasons as to why mothers are finding it easier living with short hair. Kindly leave some of them on the comment box.

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.