Are you still there? Did you miss me? It has been a couple of months ago since we last spoke. Let me tell you, Medical school is no joke. It squeezed all the juice that involved writing from me, but finally it is over, I am now Dr. Ruguru J. Kimani! Getting back into this space feels super familiar, like coming back home. 

Now, before we move into the new year resolutions, it is only fair that I share with you what I have been upto for the last few months. Here we go!

Making: Plans of more rest and focus as a doctor now. I plan to put into practice all that I have studied into saving lives. My mother was in hospital for two months this year, and it was really hard on us. Being on the patient’s side for such a long time gave me a different view of life, encouraging me to treat my patients and their relatives with a lot more patience and love.

Eating: A lot more gluten free diets. The temptation to sneak in a cookie or two when everyone else is having a couple of them has been high, but I am choosing life, and taking care of my health.

Drinking: Hot chocolate. I have a cold coming on to me. I am feeling under the weather.

Reading: The Chronicles of a village surgeon. This book by Dr. Stanley Aruyaru is the medical master piece. I read it for the very fast time as a student but now that I am having a different mindset of getting into the workspace, I am enjoying it in a whole different way. Use this link to get yourself a copy : .

Wanting: A holiday! Damn! I need to go to an all-inclusive hotel somewhere right by the beach, where I get to sleep and eat all day. Reading books and catching up on the latest series on Netflix.

Creating: A plan on how to spice up my social media space. This will help me monetize and make the space super professional for me.

Enjoying: Waking up pretty late during the mornings. I no longer have to wake up at 2:00am to read, pheux! 

Loving: The dates that I am having with Mr. T. He has at least now earned more space in this blog and we can give away more of his identity, Eng. Tonnie. Earlier, we would have work/ study dates so that I could carry my books to read, but now I can comfortably sit down and not worry about chunks of topics that have not been covered. He has been my number one fan, ensuring that I work super hard in school, and reminding me that I do not have to panic, because I had all it took to pass my exams! Everyone needs this kind of support and person in life, their person.

Hoping: To make a huge change in the public-online space healthcare system by educating many parents on how to care for their children. I also hope to work as an inspiration to many other people in the healthcare space to do the space and add a lot of information to people using social media and the internet at large.I also hope to do a lot more work with Francis, the other face behind Exciting parenting. How would you fancy a store here?

Marveling: At how fair life is. Things may happen in ways that we may not understand but they all happen for our own good.

Smelling: Tea bags from Ketepa Tea. Just finished my hot chocolate and now I am on some tea. Colds can be so irritating.

Wearing: Some fancy comfortable trouser and top that I got from Alladin, Ananas mall.

Following: Edgar Obare’s tea, on Instagram. Yes, I love his content! Let me know some of your favorite Instgram accounts at the comment section so that I can take a look at them. 

Noticing: How much weight I have added. Tomorrow morning, I will be looking for a gym.

Knowing: That I am where I ought to be, and that new things are coming my way.

Feeling: Excited because I know that you are all destined for greatness. I say a prayer for all my readers. Taking their time to go through my work is such an honor.

Opening: My previous blog post, it feels like forever, but I am glad to be back now!

Giggling: At conversations that I am having with my family here. I really enjoy the time that we spend at home together. 

Happy New Year! Lots of Love.