Breastmilk pumping is a practice that has constantly impressed me with the liberation that it gives women. Being able to pump milk, store it and feed your baby later was a practice that would have been unimaginable in the past. Are you a mother that has been beating up yourself for not being able to directly breastfeed your baby, but has had to pump? I am here to empower you and tell you that you are working hard enough and that you are raising a strong child! There are numerous benefits to it and that is what we will be discussing today.

  • It relieves breast engorgement. Having engorged breasts just because you left the house for a day is such a painful experience. Or if your baby is unwell and has refused to breastfeed and thus you have very full breasts. This can easily be relieved by pumping milk and storing it for future use.
  • There are many mums out there who cannot produce breast milk due to certain medical conditions. If you are a mum having extra milk that you would like to donate to these mothers to feed their children then this is your chance! After pumping your milk, you could send it over to them and they can nourish their children with the liquid gold.
  • Pumping breastmilk allows you to receive help from others in feeding your child! Your partner can easily help you when you are busy running errands or simply when you need to take a rest. Traditionally, feeding a baby was predominantly a mother’s job but now more people can be involved in the care of the child.
  • Do you like having a night out? This will enable you to have your social life back as soon as possible. Taking care of yourself is a paramount task. Postpartum depression has been a big thing affecting very many mothers, especially when they have to remain isolated during the first few days of bringing up their babies. Being able to go out and mingle with family and friends has been a really good way to manage it.
  • You can always go back to work comfortably! There are many stories where women have lost their jobs during their maternity leave. Several women have been made to feel disabled now that they have to go on a break to give birth and take care of their young ones. Being able to pump breastmilk for your child as you go back to work,enables you to be more productive and more present since you are no longer distracted with the worries of having to wean your baby too early or rushing home every single break you get during the day.
  • Your child can still get the liquid gold despite not being able to breastfeed. Troubles to breastfeeding include poor latching, very little milk or even congenital anomalies such as choanal atresia. These children can now be fed using a cup and spoon with so much ease.
  • Pumping breastmilk gives you extra storage options for your child. This builds your milk reserve as it can easily be frozen in the deep freezer and used later on. Actually, if one can be able to save the first milk, colostrum, this comes in handy later on when your child is unwell. It contains very many antibodies that will protect your child and build their immune system.

Are you a pumping mum? Do you have more benefits of pumping milk that you would like to share with us all? Kindly leave a comment and we can all learn and interact !