When our little angels start walking, getting them a pair of shoes is the next big thing in our minds. At times, we might not be very keen on the type of shoes that we purchase; this might be unhealthy for them. I thought it is vital that I highlight some of the shoes you should veer off when shopping.

  • Unfitting Shoes

At times, when we buy our children shoes, we may forget to check if they fit. These could be either over-sized or undersized shoes. Undersized shoes are dangerous as they might cause injury to the feet or even lead to the surfacing of warts. Over-sized shoes, on the other hand, would cause unnecessary strain on the child as they walk.

  • Hefty Shoes

Wearing heavy and huge shoes has, nowadays, become trendy for small boys. As parents, we might not know how much we hinder the child’s activities as they can simply not run or walk as fast as they would like.

  • High-heeled Shoes

For young girls, I would recommend that we get them beautiful flat shoes. We could spare the heels for weekends; but not for so long, though. Otherwise, it would cause unnecessary strain on their backs, which I translate to long-term problems for them.

  • Noisy Shoes

In the 90s, we had a trend where most children loved wearing sports shoes which would produce funny sounds as the child walked around. Despite being young at that age, I despised the shoes and swore that I would never let my child wear them. Maybe, we could spare everyone around us the unceasing squeaking, couldn’t we?

  • Unaerated Shoes

There are cheap materials that some shoe manufacturing companies use such as plastic. I have sat next to a child in a wedding, and he was wearing a pair of such. The child was very uncomfortable when it got hot, let me not mention the rubbery smell that emanated. His parents could have spared him the discomfort.

  • Slippery-soled Shoes

Let us picture this: you have taken your children out for coffee at your nearest mall. As you walk through the corridors headed to Java Coffee House, your son skids on the floor and lands face fast, breaking his nose and it bleeds. (Tears are welling up in my eyes.) Now I believe that you will ensure that the shoes you purchase for your children have proper rubber soles.

Shoes are an intricate detail of our grooming. Who does not love a fancy pair of comfortable shoes?

Photo Credits : www.ralphlauren.com

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani