Do you ever feel as if you are burning out in parenting? Or you wish that you would take a break and breath a bit? Trust me most people feel that way. I totally appreciate the amount of time that one can be able to spend alone and have fun on their own. Even being able to go home on your own and have a breather becomes a huge thing that one is always continually longing for. Even having an early Saturday morning where one can simply put up their legs to dry in the sun with a glass of orange juice in their hand feels like a vacation.

Fortunately, I come here with solutions that would be influential in helping you evade the torturous moments. You do not have to wait till you are completely burnt out to be able to come up with a working solution. Here are a few of my tips that should come in handy.

  • Get a nanny. Picture this, having a full-time job itself is a huge task. Having little ones that you also have to take care of can also weigh you down. It would be unfair for you to use all your after work time to clean up dishes and also struggle with cooking, instead of tending to your young ones. Leave alone looking at their homework. If you are lucky enough to find an amazing nanny, you could incorporate them into your family so that you could have more time left for you to take care of your family and yourself too.
  • Consider effective sharing of tasks with your spouse. If both parents can help with some of the house chores, that means that none of them would end up getting too fatigued. This would be entirely effective as the Rota would leave each of the partners enough time to relax and also enjoy with the family.
  • Have you taken a mini-vacation of late? You might want to unwind. Honestly. Saying that you do not have enough time to relax and unwind is like continuously riding your car without fueling it just because you are too busy. It will eventually stop and you will have a bigger problem to deal with. Take that extra time to get on a holiday with your family and eat that you have not had to cook!

With all that, kindly let me know what you do to avoid getting fatigued as a family. I would love to read that.

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.