Classic 105 is one of my relaxation tools, it is my happy place. The discussions get my blood boiling and tipping over, but on Tuesday, there was one that left me surprised! Why would there be plans to lower the age of sexual consent to 16 years? I literally do not understand why anyone would have such thoughts cropping up in their minds. Such a recommendation coming from our courts was surprising.

We have had repeated cases of child abuse and what keeps the cases valid is that the children were underage, because maybe the evidence had been tampered with. This gives a niche for perverts to take advantage of young children in defense of them being in the legal age of the sexual activities they would want to engage in. I believe it is a disaster in the making.

Also, have we looked at the certain age that we are considering here? These are 16 year old’s who should be in school. Are we trying to distract them with this newly found ‘privilege’, that will most likely lead to the detriment of their studies? We have had sky rocketing numbers of teenage pregnancies in our country. I only tend to think that the numbers will only get worse as this will now be one of the activities ‘recommended’ for our children.

Let us let children be children. I find it irresponsible for us to try and mix them up by showing them that it is now good for them to take part in ‘adult’ activities. This is the time when they should be shaping their careers, taking part in sports and making healthy friendships. We all had chances to grow up and be proper children, I do not see why we should take away this chance from them.

I heard someone argue that the children have been doing it all along, and it makes sense to just lower the age limit and legalize it. Just because they are doing it now, does not warrant us to make it legal to make them comfortable. If that was the case, since rape and murder haven been taking place, why  wouldn’t we legalize them to prevent the discomfort of having to term them as being illegal? Those young children engaging in sexual activities know that it is wrong and even trying to pass a law to ‘reduce their guilt’ makes us questionable adults.

That’s all for today, let me know what you think.

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Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.