I recently came back home from school. The weather at home is pretty cold. I have had this constant irritating cold for the past one week and I feel so sick. Actually, before i sleep every evening, I ensure that I take a cup of my favorite tea, Ketepa. It warms me up and unclogs my blocked nose. I am also currently having a ‘salon malfunction’, let me not go into details of that!

This is my eighth month since I started writing on my blog. It has been a great journey, one that keeps me looking forward to the Wednesdays and Saturdays when I can put up more posts. I have learnt a couple of lessons that I want to share with you:-

  1. a) Grammar is important.

Sometime back I could get away with a few grammatical errors on my texts or even on social media posts. Now I have to be very careful on what I write down on the blog. If it is an ‘I’,let it be in capital. I have had great friends point out anything that I might have overlooked. That also made it imperative that I get an editor that makes sure that anything put up on the site is just right for your consumption!

b)Consistency is key.

It is not easy to make sure that I put up at least two posts per week.  Damn! I sweat a lot! Making sure that I do enough research and get all my facts right before I put out a post out there is tasking. I am not complaining, I enjoy doing it. I have not been able to do as many photoshoots as I would love to do, but my school schedule has been crazy. I will make arrangements with my photographer so that we can direct more shoots!

c)Accepting positive criticism.

When i started putting up posts, I would not enjoy reading negative comments from my readers. I get a lot of feedback nowadays but I can very well filter what is helpful and what is not. Most of my readers have been instrumental in helping me pick out topics to write about. I appreciate all your feedback and keep sending me those emails!

d)Perseverance is important

Nailing interviews with certain people has not been easy. I have been putting up various interviews of some influential people on the blog, on their views on Parenting, and how they are doing it. Sending out several emails and making calls for the necessary communication before coming up with a post at times takes weeks. All in all, as long as one is having fun, there is no reason not to keep on doing what one does.

  1. d) Checking my inbox frequently

By this, I mean mostly my email inbox. I would take weeks before l looked at it, but nowadays I ensure that after breakfast each morning I sit down and look at what I have there. For my Facebook inbox, I would take years before I opened it, nowadays I ensure that I look at it every week and reply the messages there. I have had to improve my communication skills so as not to miss out on anything important.

All the same, this has been an exciting journey and I will be here for a very long time!

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.