I have always enjoyed reading Taking Stock series from other bloggers. My favorite one was from Thisisess. The expression of emotions and feelings through the questions brings clarity into ones surroundings. Anyway, who does not like writing through guided questions? I thought it important to let you, my community of readers into what has been happening on the background. Grab your cup of coffee, feel warm as we divulge into this!

Making: More effort to become consistent and churn out more content for my readers. Positive content that is uplifting, enlightening, inspiring and educating.

Cooking: More porridge for supper. At times i am too tired to cook something serious and i just chose to make something easy and sleep. Lazy me.

Drinking: Lots of cold tea. I had once mentioned that I make tea (water, tea bags and sugar) in the morning and leave some for the evening. I reach home so fast to drink it! It is always so cold and refreshing.

Reading: Lots of Kenyan blogs. I love the content we are producing in this country. I am also looking at international blogs so that I can raise the standards at www.excitingparenting.com, and we can have exciting content.

Wanting: To raise our numbers of people reading our site. I am glad our Stats are coming up really fast! Also, wanting to have more brand partnerships and working with exciting companies that I love and admire.

Looking: At my shoe rack. I have so many flat shoes and very few heels. I should get some more fancy heels to wear to dates!

Playing: ‘Moyo Mashine’ By Ben Pol. That song touches the feet of my soul. If you know me well, you know what word I use in place of ‘feet.’ When we go back to making videos, I will definitely use it in one of them.

Sewing: Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

Wishing: I could make my own jeans.

Enjoying: My short holiday at home. One week can be so short.

Liking: My new motivation on working out. My Department Rotation mates at school can attest to this. I have been showing up each morning with sore thighs.

Loving: My blog. It is my little incubating baby. Something that is mine right from creation, and it has grown into such a beautiful blooming item. Wait, mine and Frank’s. We now all know Frank from the previous post.

Hoping: That more kids will learn how to potty train early enough. It comes with so much freedom.

Marvelling: At how social media influencers take flawless pictures. Let me tell you, for a photo session for me, it takes a century. I do minimal make up. Choosing clothes is another story all in all. Now the biggest problem comes in finding time.

Needing: To learn how to type some things on the blog without fear of judgment or rejection. Probably opening up some more. Who knows? I might just do it someday.

Smelling: Some perfume on my Liverpool Jersey. (YNWA) Weirdly enough, I’m having some awkward love for football. Always catching up with the matches. You should see me during a game, the excitement levels are over the roof! Wait, I was only supposed to talk about what in smelling, not watching. But I had to throw that in there.

Wearing : Blue Jeans and a Liverpool Jersey which was a gift. God bless the beautiful soul.

Following: Yummy Mummy’s posts on Instagram closely. They are very well curated.

Noticing: My face has become very clear with a new intensive regimen that I have been using to cleanse, scrub, mask  and moisturize my face.

Knowing: That all my dreams and aspirations will pass. I trust in God.

Thinking : About some comments that I have not yet approved and replied to on the blog.

Bookmarking: Nothing at all.

Opening: A new word page as I write this article. It is pretty long, but thank you for making it this far!

Giggling: At a funny video currently uploaded on my WhatsApp status. If you have seen it, I bet you are laughing with me too. At this moment I wish I was blogging on comedy and I could easily insert it here without guilt.

I have answered each of this questions with utmost honesty. I cannot wait for this post to go up and you could finally view it! On the comment section, kindly let me know what you are up to as you read this post.

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.