This question has been posed to me enough times, and as polite as I am (at least that’s what I think), I have answered it several times.  Anyway, here we are again, since most people have been asking about the inspiration for its inception.

It was during one of my school breaks (loudly read as doctors’ strike) when the idea came up. Wait, my name is Ruguru Kimani, and I am a Medical Student. Also, I am half human and half amazing. I figured out that probably as you read this you do not even figure out who the ‘I’ is, in this context. So, during the break, I was bored, reading just did not keep my adrenaline levels high. I knew I loved writing, and I knew I wanted to do something online but I exactly could not figure out what it was.

I decided to share a post on Kilimani mums and dads. It is a Facebook page that keeps my blood boiling, very exciting posts. I wrote the post, it was about disciplining children. I asked the readers to send me their email addresses if they wanted to read the rest of the post, and over a thousand people sent in their addresses. Now, this is a confession I have never made, I honestly did not even have the rest of the post written down. With the help of my mum, we quickly wrote down the other half and sent it out to the people. It was hard. Very hard! From the experience, I decided to start out a blog where everyone could read my content at ease and at their own time, and also share it with their friends (like I am hoping you will do with this post.)

For starters, I decided to have a free WordPress blog. That was easy and flexible to use. I could post the content from my phone, check my stats easily and also share it. After a month, I decided to take my blog a notch higher, by getting a self-hosted site. This made it easier for people to find my blog, if you Google the name, you will find it. Also, when people search for certain content, if it is on my site, it shows up. I had a lot of reasons, also I had heard that it gives one a more serious look.

Now here is where the rubber met the road. I did not know how to create a website. Also, since I was starting, I did not have enough money to pay a good company to do the job for me. I was stressed out, but anyway, I chose not to feel trapped in this situation, as there is always a way out. I got a partner! Yes! I co-own my site with a Software Engineer, his name is Frank. Probably we have never talked about Frank. He is one of the most talented person that I know when it comes to matters of the keyboard. Super fast when our site is down or we need some fixing. Again, we are amazing friends.

Frank manages one of the most beautiful blogs that I know, and I took up the content creation. And that is how we got here. He does not like taking pictures or even me saying much about him, so we stop here. If you want to know more about Frank, send me an email.( Lol! Pulling your legs!)

When creating Exciting Parenting, I learnt how to be patient with things as they fall into place, and how to ask for help when you reach a dead end. Also, I learnt how to take risks, I was not sure how people out there would respond to what i was putting out, but Voila! You all loved it, and again, I took in the criticism very well, because I write to make life better.

On the selection of the topics, I chose parenting and child health. Also, once in a while, I throw in personal posts there, once in a while. I realised you also enjoy this, since if you know someone and they are vulnerable and are showing tiny snippets of themselves, they become more relatable to. For the parenting posts, I warmed up to these ones since I am a deputy parent. The first born of six children. I tend to help out a lot, from a young age. For the child health posts, I see a lot since i literally live in the  hospital, and I chose to write about it so that parents can learn and take care of their kids to ensure that they don’t show up in hospital as patients.

I know most of you have ideas, talents and gifts you would love to explore. It never starts out perfectly. You will learn through the confusion and difficulties. Things will never be perfectly right to start, trust me, but God makes everything beautiful in His time. Just trust him and start, and remember to have good intentions.

Lots of Love,

Ruguru Kimani.