Immunization gives us the chills and brings tears into our eyes as we see those needles go through the tender thighs of our children. It gets better when we go for the ones administered orally.

Vaccines are highly important to keep dangerous diseases at bay. The problem is that most of us have heard so many myths that scare us from taking our children to get the jabs. This will be an amazing journey for me as I iron out some of the not-true-stories that we might have heard from our fellow parents and equip you with the truth

(1)It is better to wait for children to grow a little bit older in order to give them vaccines.

The vaccines have appropriate windows in which they should be administered. If you miss out on this time, the children will get infected with the diseases when they are most vulnerable. This is life threatening and the schedule given should be followed to the letter.

(2)Vaccines should not be given when children are having colds.

Children can easily be given vaccines even when they are fighting off colds or having a mild fever. One should consult with a doctor on whether vaccines should be postponed rather than delaying them on your own.

(4)My baby might get the disease that the vaccine is supposed to prevent.

Most vaccines, for example, those given for Meningitis and DPT contain killed and not live vaccines. That means that there is no chance of the baby contracting the disease.

(5)Vaccines cause autism and other developmental disorders.

There has been a linked connection between Mumps, measles,Rubella Vaccine (MMR vaccine) and autism. This got kicked out by a case report in England 7 years ago. The notion emerged since autism normally manifests at the age of one year when most vaccines are given, worry not, your baby will not get this!

(6)The major diseases have disappeared; we do not need the vaccine.

This is not true as most diseases re-emerge, such as pertussis and measles. This is serious as the unvaccinated children might spread the diseases to other family members. The diseases might also be still active in other countries and the baby might get it from foreigners.

(7)Other children are getting vaccinated; mine does not need to be.

You baby might get the disease from school or maybe from other public places if they miss out on their vaccinations. They are at 22 times risk of getting the diseases, if not protected. The more the children immunized, the lower the risk of having the children infected.

I believe I will be meeting all of you in the clinics as we get our children immunized.

Lots of love!

Ruguru Kimani.

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