Having children in our homes is one of the greatest blessings we can ever experience. The children can, for instance, be our  daughters and sons, siblings or younger relatives with whom we stay.Our homes are always filled with laughter and lots of merry making.

At times it gets disheartening when distance comes in between us and our children. Interaction is minimized, and our children can’t open up to us freely. There is fear that the children might be hiding dark secrets from us. This is where we need to know how to reconnect with our lovely angels.

With me are 5 languages of love that we can use to get closer to our children and express our affection towards them;-

(a)Words of affirmation.

We might think that talk is cheap, but words that we use on our children might make them stronger and bring us closer to them .We should let them know that we love them and appreciate their effort to make us happy. Making them feel special should be one of our greatest strengths.

(b)Quality time

Spending quality time with our children lets them know that they are a special part of our lives. During the weekends we should spare some time to play games with them or even go to the park. After work, we should get some time to help them with their homework, or maybe watch a movie. We should simply be with them.

(c)Giving gifts

Children love gifts! They are always looking forward to the festive season where they can get their favorite doll or toy from the family secret Santa. Surprising them once in a while with something small makes a huge difference in our relationship with them.

(d)Acts of service

Ever thought of giving your little son or daughter a foot massage, or making them some pancakes with American Garden’s delicious pancake sauce? Doing something small and amazing for them makes them feel loved. You would even consider ironing a dress for your daughter as she goes out or even cover a few books for your son instead of him doing all the work.

(e)Physical touch

Physical touch goes a long way in creating a connection between you and your children. A light tap on their shoulders as you speak to them or even holding them on your laps as they sleep is great. All this creates a huge bond between you and the children.

I hope this helps all of you!

Lots of love,

Ruguru Kimani.

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